Powerefeedwater temperature operating domain for a BWR driven by natural convection

El año pasado, el GT2 de Termohidráulica publicó en la revista internacional indizada “Progress in Nuclear Energy” el trabajo: Powerefeedwater temperature operating domain for a BWR driven by natural convection, los autores son: Sergio Quezada García, Erick Espinosa Martínez, Gilberto Espinosa Paredes, A. Vazquez Rodríguez

El abstract del trabajo es el siguiente:

The aim of this work is to analyze feedwater temperature effects on reactor power in a BWR driven by natural convection (NCBWR) applying a methodology based on Monte Carlo’s simulation. The analysis was performed with the reactor operating with different control rod patterns. The Monte Carlo’s methodology was applied systematically to establish the operating domain, due that NCBWRs are not yet in operation, the analysis of the nuclear and thermalehydraulic processes must rely on numerical modeling with the purpose of developing or confirming the design basis. The relative standard deviation obtained with a size of 20,000, data showed that for 2% change in the feedwater temperature, the response in thermal power change is 6.5% for 100% of rated power and 100% of rod pattern. Additionally five more rod patterns are presented in this paper. The regression analysis with the feedwater temperature showed statistically valid linear, quadratic and cubic representations, which are described in this paper for six different arrangements of reactor control rods. The results obtained in this study can be applied to operation and design of NCBWR.

Schematic of a NCBWR system

Schematic of a NCBWR system

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